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Comfortable Pure Cotton Full Sleeves T-Shirt : Navy Blue

Premium quality 100% soft cotton Wear it anywhere, any day and anytime. The product may be with/without the logo and with/without a pocket.
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Complete story how cotton is farmed to make a t-shirt

At Baliza, we strive to make our range of clothing from sustainable cotton, which is a renewable fabric and is good for our planet. Explore our wide collection of cotton t-shirts and find the right one for you!

Cotton is one the most grown crops in today’s world as it has to meet the rising demand of the textile industry....

Cotton fabric has been used for making clothes for ages, however, in recent times, its use as a sustainable material has been highlighted due to the rising awareness for nature. While many people love wearing the lightweight and comfortable fabric made from cotton, few of them know how it is grown or processed. Let’s dig a little deeper into those details.Cotton is grown by sowing cotton seeds when the soil is warm enough for the germination of these seeds. In India, cotton is sown between March and May during the summer season as the temperatures are perfect for the seeds. Being a kharif crop, cotton takes about 6-8 months to mature. The modern technology has enabled farmers to grow and harvest cotton very easily as compared to the earlier days.

A full-grown cotton plant has bolls which burst open and allow the inner cottonto dry up in the sun. A cotton picker or a cotton harvesting farm machine then harvests the mature cotton which is later compressed to create a module of cotton. These modules are then transported to the factory where they undergo ginning process. This process separates the fiber from the cotton seed. The separated cottonseed can be used for making cotton oil, cotton meal, hulls etc while the raw fiber, also called as the lint,is pressed into bales. These bales are sent to textile mills to manufacture clothing and other materials.

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